Information About

We are a family-owned & operated company and have been in business since Oct 1999. We do our best to provide our customers with an easy shopping experience.

Please visit us at our retail store:

6800 Burnet Road Suite 2

Austin, TX 78757
We will answer the phone “GROWLER ROOM” Phone: 512-458-GIFT (4438)
Hours: 10 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday

Common Questions About Dominoes &

What are your dominoes made out of?

Our dominoes are made from a polyester resin. This produces a high-quality, ivory-like domino that has a good feel and weight.

Can you print a company logo or design on dominoes?

We can do custom imprinting on dominoes. Pricing varies so the best thing to do is email us with the specifics.

Can you print any design or logo on dominoes?

Due to trademark and copyright laws, we can only print a company logo or design on dominoes if you have permission to use it.

Where can I find/purchase real ivory dominoes?

We do not have, nor do we know of a source to buy real ivory dominoes. Ivory dominoes are illegal to make, as are all real-ivory products. Most people who do possess genuine ivory dominoes usually keep them either for sentimental or monetary value. Our dominoes are made to simulate real ivory.

What is your guarantee?

Our dominoes are guaranteed* for one year from purchase against manufacturing defects such as incorrect pieces, distinguishing marks and discoloration that make them unusable. Our dominoes are not guaranteed against breakage, scratches, lost pieces, chipping, cracking and normal wear.

Dominoes printed with a design, logo or personalization have colors that are heat and light sensitive. To prevent fading or smearing, the designs should not be exposed to continuous bright light, sunlight or sustained heat above normal room conditions.
When storing dominoes in their case, always keep the divider paper provided with your set between the layers of dominoes to prevent any color bleeding. Damaging heat can occur when storing and transporting dominoes in vehicles.

Dominoes can be cleaned with any non-abrasive cleaner such as Fantastik or 409.

*This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective dominoes. is not liable for consequential or other injuries that may result from use of any product.